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Can I buy your coffee without going through a fundraiser? Absolutely, our specialty coffee is available at Coffee Beanery retail stores across the country as well as on

Will Coffee Beanery products still be fresh when I receive them?

We small batch roast all of our coffee to make sure that it is the quality and freshness that our customers have come to expect. The coffee packages unopened shelf life is best used within a year. We pull the coffee off of the same shelves that we pull our stores so it is always fresh and always delicious!!

In which areas of the U.S. do you offer your fundraising program?

Our fundraising program can be utilized anywhere in the continental United States. Unfortunately, with high shipping costs we do not offer our fundraising program in Canada.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum order requirement. To achieve free shipping, your order must total $200 or more…easy to reach!!

Can the Coffee Beanery Fundraiser be used more than once per year?

There is no limit to the number of times using our program. Many organizations take advantage of CB fundraising two to three times per year to raise funds and some do it on a monthly basis. The great thing is that coffee is a staple for 75% of households and need to be replenished….customers love to get their coffee and help an organization as well!!

What sets Coffee Beanery coffee apart from other brands?

We only use 100% Arabica beans that are Specialty Coffee grade which accounts for only 7% of the coffee beans worldwide. More expensive but the taste is unparalleled.
We utilize the Right Roast method of roasting. This method ensures that we offer a consistently great product that is roasted to its peak flavor potential.
Our flavored coffee is sugar free, alcohol free
We care about coffee and only use the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate unlike other methods that use chemicals. It may cost more but the taste and health benefits are worth every penny!!
We are a “brick and mortar” company with about 100 locations in the US as well as stores in China,Quatar,Cypress, and Lebanon and have been in business for over 35 years.
Coffee Beanery is a family owned business with family ideals, values and outstanding customer service.

Can I promote the Coffee Beanery Fund Raising program to help pay for travel sports/camps/dance or sport related events and fees.

Absolutely. Our suggestion is to ask the Team or League Manager to have brochures placed in information packages that are given to children at the beginning of a season. This program could offset the parents’ cost of their own child.

Do we need to collect money for the fundraiser in advance?

Yes. Make sure that all checks are made out to your organization because you will need to send one check made out to Coffee Beanery for 50% of the total for all items before the product will be shipped. For example, if your group sells a total of $1,000 worth of Coffee Beanery products, you would send in $500. Upon our receipt of the $500, your order would ship. You keep the remaining $500 as profit up front.

Is Coffee Beanery’s fundraising program available all year long, or only during certain seasons?

Our fundraising program is available anytime. Whether it is for a football team during fall, a kayaking group during summer, or a Relay for Life event your organization will profit from a Coffee Beanery fundraiser. Please note that November and December are our peak times of year and turnaround time is extended to two weeks plus shipping rather than the one week during the rest of the year.

Who raises money by fund raising?

Child Care Centers/Pre-Schools
Public and Private Schools
Youth Sports Teams
Dance Studios
Swim Clubs and Teams
Golf Teams
Charitable Organizations
Relay for Life
Senior Citizen centers

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