Costa Rican La Minita
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Medium bodied coffee with flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and chocolate.

It’s been quite a few years, but we’ve finally been able to get our hands on Costa Rican La Minita, a coffee that has long been considered by many experts to be one of the world's most exquisite coffees. As one of the last true Estate coffees, La Minita has brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of citrus, caramelized sugar, and creamy chocolate. It is impeccably balanced with a long satisfying finish. We’re Right Roasting® it for you now so pick up a fresh pound today!

Try Costa Rican La Minita if you like:

-white chocolate
-white wine
-subtle seasonings
-sweet flavors
-poached foods

Available in:

16 oz- All Grinds Available
8 oz - All Grinds Available

1.75 Try me Size- Auto Drip Only

16oz. Costa Rican La Minita
Price: $18.95
8oz. Costa Rican La Minita
Price: $9.95

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