Coffee FAQ's

What makes our coffee special?

We care about coffee! The Coffee Beanery has the highest standards in the industry when it comes to providing the finest coffees in the world. We believe the real artistry in producing the perfect bean is in the right roast for each variety. Our master roaster roasts each of our coffees to the peak of its taste potential — choosing from a wide range of roasts. The result? Some of our coffees are slightly sweet. Others have a bit of snap. Still others display a complex, earthy flavor. But each one of our fine coffees has its own distinctive flavor components that are enhanced by our roasting expertise. You can see, smell and taste the difference The Right Roast® makes.

Does Coffee Beanery use Arabica or Robusta coffee beans?
There are essentially two main species of coffee: the prized Arabica and the lower quality Robusta.  Arabica trees have long been recognized for producing superior coffee beans. They grow almost exclusively at higher altitudes, and are cultivated with more care than Robusta trees.  Arabica coffee “cherries” are handpicked so that only the perfectly ripe ones are processed.  All Coffee Beanery varieties come from Arabica coffee trees grown on the best coffee estates and plantations around the world. These premium beans are what give our coffees their distinct and complex flavors.


Coffee Beanery only sells the highest grades of Arabica coffees—only 3% of the world’s Arabica crop qualifies as Specialty Coffee.  Arabica beans are delicate and flavorful and sell at higher prices because of their quality and limited availability.

How does Coffee Beanery make such great decaf coffee?

Most decaffeination processes use chemical solvents like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean. It can also strip out a lot of the flavor!

We care about your health so we ONLY use Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee (SWP), which uses water from the coast mountains of British Columbia to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics.

How do I brew the best cup of coffee?
  • Always start with fresh coffee beans.
  •  Use the correct grind for the particular brewing method used. If possible, grind close to the brew time.


Type of GrindBrewing MethodLooks Like
CoarsePercolator/French PressChunky, Kosher Salt
MediumAuto/Drip MethodsCoarse Sand
FineEspressoSlightly finer than granulated sugar
Very FineTurkish IbrikAlmost Powdery


  • Use fresh, cold, filtered water.  Hot water from the tap is flat and stale and usually has chlorine in it. If using water from the tap, let it run for a few seconds before filling your coffee pot.
  •  We recommend one to two level tablespoons per six ounces (one cup) cold water for regular-strength coffee.  Adjust slightly for individual taste preferences.
  •  Serve coffee immediately after brewing.
  •  Freshly brewed gourmet coffee allowed to sit on a warmer will begin losing flavor immediately.  The longer it is held, the less desirable it becomes.  Brewed coffee stays fully flavorful for only 20 minutes.
  •  Never reheat cooled coffee or allow it to sit on a heat source-the coffee will lose its flavor quickly if the brew begins to boil.


Why should I use a metal or gold filter?

Paper filters are super convenient, but coffee purists will tell you that there is a flavor difference to be had by using metal and/or gold re-usable filters. What you lose with a paper filter is flavor oils and colloids (brewed coffee that is not fully dissolved) resulting in a slightly less-bodied cup of joe. Be green, go gold!

What kind of grinder is better, blade or burr?

 The main difference between the two types of grinder is consistency. Blade grinders are a great and an affordable way to get coffee ground quickly, but the grind tends to be inconsistent. Burr grinders crush the beans at a high speed through spinning wheels (burrs) resulting in a uniform, more consistent grind. A uniform, even grind is important because it allows a more even extraction during brewing- resulting in better tasting coffee.

What is the best way to store my coffee?

Coffee Beanery coffee come in re-sealable bags that are either nitrogen-flushed or vacuum-sealed to ensure that the coffee will remain fresh until the package is opened. After you break the seal, make sure your beans stay as fresh as possible by keeping them in an airtight container away from light and heat.

Contrary to popular belief, the fridge is not a good place to store your beans/grounds. Coffee is incredibly absorbent and will pick up flavors of food and other items nearby (Ever had onion-flavored coffee?). The change in temperature will also zap out some of the flavor.

Are your beans flavored with sugar?

We take great pride in our coffee so all of our Flavored Coffees are hand flavored after roasting, using only the finest ingredients. Taste the flavor without the guilt.., all of our flavorings are Sugar Free, Lactose Free and Alcohol Free. We have many flavors to choose from including our most popular flavors; Amaretto, Hawaiian Coconut, Hazelnut, Butter Rum and Toasted Almond Flavored Coffees!

Is your Coffee Kosher?

All of our coffee is certified Kosher Pareve with the exception of Crème Brulee and Sinful Sundae which are certified Kosher Dairy.

Download Kosher Certification form here


How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

An 8 oz serving of brewed coffee will have between 100 and 150 milligrams of caffeine, depending on brewing method and variety of coffee.

Which has more caffeine, light or dark roasted coffee? 

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), they contain the same amount of caffeine. 

Do your coffees contain any Gluten?
All of our coffees, straight, flavored and decaf, are gluten free.


What are our top selling flavors?

We have lots of amazing flavors and roasts, but our best sellers are:

  1. Hazelnut
  2. Café Carmel Cream
  3. Toasted Almond
  4. Hawaiian Coconut
  5. Beanery Blend
  6. Cinnamon Supreme
  7. Amaretto
  8. Double Dutch Fudge
  9. English Toffee & Cream
  10. Crème Brulee
Is it better to buy whole bean or ground coffee?

The moment that coffee beans are ground, you start losing flavor and aroma. The purpose of grinding the beans is to create a larger surface area that will release the flavor and oils to the surrounding hot water. If coffee is prematurely exposed to air, it leaves less flavor for the brew.

If you buy ground beans, we recommend brewing your beans within 2 weeks to achieve the freshest flavor.

For the very best flavor, buy whole coffee beans and grind with a burr grinder moments before brewing.

Does Coffee Beanery sell k-cups?

Yes! We do have Singlicious Servings to be used in the Keurig coffee maker (not to be used in the Vue or Keurig 2.0 coffee maker). Due to the limited amount of flavors available we also sell the reusable filter which allows you to grind many more flavors.

How Do I Grind My coffee for K-Cups?

Start with a coarser grind similar to a French press grind
Experiment with grinds similar to drip brewing
Avoid a fine espresso grind setting that could clog the screen or result in poor extraction
Place the filter basket in the filter holder and screw on the lid.
Place the assembled filter holder in the brewer.
Lower the handle and brew as you normally do.
After brewing, lift the handle, remove the filter holder, unscrew the cap and throw away the grounds. You may need to wait a minute as the holder will be very hot.
Rinse the filter basket and replace the original filter basket.

Can I include a gift message with my order?

Coffee makes the perfect gift and we think you should give it to everyone, for every occasion so we’ve made it easy for you to write a note to the beneficiaries of our delicious coffees and goodies. Simply check the gift box on the order confirmation page at checkout, type your note, and your recipient will receive a handwritten gift card with their order.

How do I have my order shipped at a later date?

Of course! To have your order shipped at a later date, simply give our order department a call at 1-810-733-1020 and they will help you to determine when to ship your order so it arrives fresh and ready for brewing.

I want to buy a gift basket but I don’t like a particular flavor. Can I switch it out for another flavor?

If you would like to exchange flavors in a coffee basket, please call the order department at 1-810-733-1020. Please note that customization of baskets may be charged an additional fee.

I want to purchase a large quantity of gift baskets, shipped to different addressees. How do I do that?

Whether you are sending corporate gifts for your company or sending care packages to our students and soldiers, we try to make it as easy as possible to send gifts to everyone on your shopping list. Contact the order department at 1-810-733-1020 or email at kEncEmailpsefstAcfbofsztvqqpsu/dpn and we will coordinate with you to help you pick out the perfect gift for your budget. We can drop ship your entire order to you or simply email us a list of recipients and we can ship directly from our roasting facility in Flushing, MI. Additional shipping rates will apply.

  • We can customize baskets if you order 30 or more of the same basket.
  •  All custom orders must be prepaid


Are quantity discounts available?

We are happy to offer volume discounts on corporate gift orders all year long – allowing you to save between 5% and 15% on your total order. These discounts are on a per-order basis, excluding shipping, and cannot be combined with other discounts.

 If you are sending to more than 20 gift recipients, please send us your addresses on an excel spreadsheet. Please be sure to check addresses carefully, and remember to save a copy of the completed spreadsheet to your hard drive, then email file to: kEncEmailpsefstAcfbofsztvqqpsu/dpn.


I’ve always wanted to see how coffee is roasted. Do you offer tours of your roasting facility?

Step into our factory and smell the aroma of our fresh roasted coffee with a visit to our world headquarters in Flushing, MI located about ten minutes north of Flint, MI.

During the 40-minute walking tour, you will be shown a real working coffee factory where we roast over 46 different varietals, blends and flavors. Learn how a coffee bean makes it from the field to your cup and discover the secrets as to why our coffee is so amazing.

To set up a tour, please contact kEncEmaildvtupnfstfswjdfAcfbofsztvqqpsu/dpn or call 810.244.8151


Does offer discounts?

Yes! There are a few places that you will find Coffee Beanery coupons-

1) First sign up to receive our CB Perks.  You will have access to tips and tricks, and an occasional deal.
2) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We love to give things away, so you find giveaways on Facebook and Twitter as well! 

I want to give away Coffee Beanery products for my wedding/party/ special event, what do you recommend?

All of our products make lovely gifts, so we encourage you to explore our website to see the full collection. In addition to our regular line up, you can have a custom label created for your special event. Contact kEncEmailqsjwbufmbcfmAcfbofsztvqqpsu/dpn for more information.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Call us at 1-810-733-1020 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m ET, or send us an email at kEncEmaildvtupnfstfswjdfAcfbofsztvqqpsu/dpn