VitaPerk 15 Vitamin & Mineral Original - 7 Pack

VitaPerk 15 Vitamin & Mineral Original - 7 Pack
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VitaPerk is a 15 vitamin and mineral coffee boost that can be added to ANY coffee, hot or cold. Perfect for an “on-the-go” lifestyle, VitaPerk supports memory, energy and heart health, and is offered in four varieties: Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Energy.  Made in the USA, VitaPerk is gluten-free, kosher, naturally flavored and only 5 calories per serving.  VitaPerk is packaged in individual stick packs that pour easily and  dissolves quickly. With a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, VitaPerk turns coffee into something smart; brilliant even.

Original is the signature blend. It is flavorless, so it allows the flavor of your favorite cup of coffee to shine through

VitaPerk. Smart YOUR coffee


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