JoAnne Shaw

JoAnne Shaw is the co-founder with her husband Julius of Coffee Beanery in 1976 and the President and CEO.  She started the company because she wanted to give people the ability to enjoy the very best specialty coffees available. JoAnne’s a visionary whose entrepreneurial spirit has led beyond opening her first stores to franchising, roasting, and packaging. She has a passion for creating vertically integrated opportunities and is always envisioning new avenues to spread her passion for Coffee Beanery coffee.
JoAnne is a past president of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the first woman chairperson of the International Franchise Association. She is a great believer in continuing education, continuous improvement and never limit yourself.


Favorite Coffee: Guatemalan Huehuetenango and Coffee Beanery’s Beanery Blend.
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: Building a great company with great people and it always smells so good!!!
Bucket List: Walk where Jesus walked.


Julius Shaw

Julius founded Ye Olde Coffee Service in 1967 and then in 1976, co-founded Coffee Beanery with his wife, JoAnne.  Julius is Chairman of the Board and past Chairman of National Coffee Service and The Coffee Development Group.  Gifted with numbers, he helps monitor our cash flow and maintains the financial health of the company.  He enjoys golfing and traveling and especially going to Florida when winter weather hits.

Favorite drink: Costa Rican La Minita 
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: Hearing how people love our coffee even without asking
Bucket list: Traveling to Greece



Laurie Shaw

Laurie Shaw is the COO of Coffee Beanery.  In addition, she manages gift sets, fundraising, franchising, & wholesale.   As a mother of 6 children, she is a multi-tasker and has no problem delegating tasks (sometimes even to her grown children).  Feeling blessed to have such a positive and “can do” group of people to work with…. up for any task even rebuilding a store in 9 days.  It was said it couldn’t be done but with our amazing team (and not a lot of sleep)…it was accomplished!!  A nerd at heart, she loves reading and learning about virtually any subject.


Favorite Coffee: Iced Fudge Ripple 
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: The people and their passion for the company as well as being able to work with my family
Bucket List:  Traveling with her husband…I love learning about history and cultures and of course, eating different kinds of food


Kevin Shaw

1970….Kevin started fixing coffee machines in the kitchen at the age of 6, he had to stand on a milk crate because like most 6-year-olds he was short. After successfully extricating himself from Fenton public school system in 1982 he had a brief encounter at Central Michigan University cementing his entrepreneurial direction, where he started several successful seasonal businesses.  He formally joined the family business (1986) as a manager of the Ren Cen store in Detroit and soon after moved back to corporate to develop the roasting, flavoring and packaging processes that have evolved into what you see today.  1989 started selling franchises, 
The glass is always half full…..if you aren’t laughing within minutes of meeting him give him more coffee and wait.
He was born in the wrong century “should have been a cowboy” or better yet John Wayne’s sidekick.


Favorite coffee: Hawaiian Kona   
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery:  Getting to work with my family and make people laugh 
Bucket List: Going to carnival in Brazil


Britain Butcher

Britain Butcher is the Director of E-commerce at Coffee Beanery.  Working in a corporate store during college and then interning in the marketing department, she has literally grown up in the company.  Her graphic design skills and e-commerce management make her an integral part of the Coffee Beanery team.  Graduating with degrees in Marketing, International Business & Graphic Design from Saginaw Valley State University she was employed full time at CB in 2013.


Favorite Coffee: Costa Rican La Minita and  Favorite Drink is the Caramel Apple Smoothie!
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: Family! I get to work with and be surrounded by my family. As challenging as it can be at times there is no place I would rather be working
Bucket List: Learn how to Fly Fish


Bret O'Brien

Bret is an experienced Senior Accountant with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Catering, Budgeting, Food & Beverage, Hospitality Management, and Customer Service. Strong accounting professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Accounting from Davenport University. 



Favorite Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: The friendly fun atmosphere....and the free coffee!
Bucket List: To visit Ireland


Patti Tushim

Patti Tushim is the Marketing Manager for Coffee Beanery. She started in one of our corporate stores back in 2006 as a seasonal employee and quickly worked her way up to the corporate office, first in Operations, and then in Marketing. Her primary focus includes store campaigns, social media management, drafting press releases, store design and sourcing fun new items for our stores. Her team members jokingly kid that Patti is 110%...110% of the time and she applies this passion to her job and family every day. 


Favorite Coffee: Café Carmel® made with our Caramel Pecan Pie coffee with a dash of cinnamon on top….it’s so good!
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: I love our team! We are so fortunate to work in a warm and nurturing environment where every team member is made to feel like family. I also love that no two days at Coffee Beanery is the same; each and every day presents new challenges so that we are constantly moving at a fast yet fun pace.
Bucket List: I would love to spend a week or two in a tropical paradise, getting spa treatments on the beach and sipping Mai Tai’s.  


Stacy Peterson

After going to school for Computer Business,  she discovered it was definitely not what she wanted to do with her life. After starting to work at Coffee Beanery in 1996 she found her niche as the Franchise Coordinator and helping out with customer service. 


Favorite Coffee: Costa Rican La Minita, with 2 French Vanilla creamers...I also like it over ice.
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery:  It is nice to be part of a team where everyone genuinely cares about what they do, and are supportive of one another.  Not to mention the best coffee in the world, right here at our fingertips! 
Bucket List: I’d like to learn to fly a helicopter. If I can’t do that I’ll settle for flying in one down the coast of the Santa Rosa Sound.


Jeanelle Killian

Jeanelle started working at Coffee Beanery in 2007 in the Order Department where she continues today working with customers and franchisee’s to ensure orders are placed and shipped in a timely matter. She is definitely a customer favorite as we get so many nice compliments on her outstanding customer service.  Jeanelle enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, reading and traveling to warm places.  


Favorite Coffee: Coffee Beanery’s Caramel Apple Smoothie.  It is delicious!
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery:  The people! Coffee Beanery has some of the greatest people working here who are always willing to lend a hand if needed.  I’ve made some great friends through working for Coffee Beanery.  
Bucket List:  Travel, travel, travel!  I want to go to Australia and meet some of my favorite chefs and spend a lot more time in the Caribbean.


Jennifer Kidd

Jennifer Kidd started her coffee career in 2000.  She has worked in accounting for her 15 years with the company.  Duties include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Corporate Store Financials, Purchasing and Franchise Sales Reporting. Jennifer enjoys sports and spending time with her family.


Favorite Drink:  Green Apple Caramel Smoothie 
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: The people I work with every day are awesome people who make coming to work fun.
Bucket List: Travel to Hawaii


Kerrie Atwell

Kerrie began in 2004 working in the gift set area as a seasonal worker and then was hired full time as a store puller.  In 2009 she advanced to her role as a shipping and receiving specialist.  Currently, she is the shipping and receiving supervisor and manages the distribution side of the warehouse. Her positive attitude and willingness to work hard have really made her an invaluable part of the team.


Favorite Coffee: Café Carmel® with extra whipped cream but I also love the Caramel Apple Smoothie.
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: I love working here because of the closeness that we have with each other. I love going to work every day, I never thought I could find a job that really feels like a second home or second family. Coffee Beanery is my forever home.
Bucket List: I would just like to be able to see all my children be successful in life and be happy... I would love to be able to take Sage to Disney world along with all my grandkids and see it myself. Long term goal would be to retire on a lake house somewhere that my kids can come visit. Dream goals are traveling to Austria and having my dad’s eyesight repaired so I could take him to Ireland. 


Houston Shaw

Some of my first memories are working in my parents Coffee Beanery store and helping out making gift sets.  I am excited to be able to work for a family company and add value and grow the brand.  Working with franchisees is very rewarding and they feel like a part of our extended family.  I love to golf and hang out on the lake with my buddies.  Once you get to know me you know that underneath the big personality is a huge passion for the company and our franchisees. 


Favorite Coffee: Hawaiian Kona
Favorite thing about working at Coffee Beanery: The atmosphere. It is nice to work in a place where everyone has a great sense of humor.  My favorite is when my sister Britain brings in her chubby baby. 
Bucket List: Wing Suit Proximity Flying and Base Jumping