Looking to discover your new favorite coffee flavors?

Looking to discover your new favorite coffee flavors with a coffee of the month club? Coffee drinkers LOVE our fun, flavored coffee of the month coffee subscription, filled with four surprise, fresh-roasted flavors and delivered right to your doorstep!

Each month, our in-house flavor mixologists will curate a themed coffee subscription box for coffee lovers filled with unique yet delicious flavored coffee so you can be the first to try the latest and greatest and find your new coffee love. With our coffee subscription, you can choose from freshly roasted 2.5 oz pre-ground bags, single-serve pods, or whole bean coffee beans in 12 oz bags.

Each Coffee of the Month Club Box includes:

 • FREE Shipping on subscription boxes
 • A delightful sampling of four, freshly-roasted, pre-ground 2.5 oz, single-serve pods (for Keurig machines) OR 12oz whole bean flavored coffees for you to enjoy. 
 • Postcard with information on flavor profiles and a fun monthly activity.

Why you will love our club!

-Every month is a surprise! It's like getting a gift every month!

-Discover four brand new flavored coffees to try each month. If you fall in love with a flavor, you can come back to buy a full-size bag, while supplies last.

- Our coffee is roasted fresh and shipped directly to your door each month.

- Three options to choose from to suit your favorite brewing method. Choose from 2.5 oz ground coffee (ground for auto-drip for most coffee makers, single-serve pods for Keurig/Single Serve coffee makers, and 12 oz full size, whole bean bags for those who like to grind their coffee before brewing.

-Recurring subscriptions can be canceled anytime! (Please see note below about pre-paid subscriptions)

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FAQ's about our Coffee of the Month Club:

Q: When will my coffee subscription ship?

A: All coffee subscription orders received by midnight on the 15th of each month will ship by the 16th of each month.

Q: How many different coffees will I receive each month?

A: Your coffee subscription will have four different coffees each month.

Q: Where is your coffee roasted?

A: We are the roaster and all Coffee Beanery coffee is roasted at our in-house roasting facility in Flushing, Michigan. 

Q: Is the coffee of the month club coffee a medium-dark roast or light roast?

A: All of our coffee subscription coffee is roasted by our in-house roaster at a light-medium roast.

Q: Can I use the coffee subscription coffee in my pour-over?

A: The pour-over coffee method uses coffee that is medium-coarse so we recommend selecting our whole bean option and grinding your freshly roasted coffee at home directly before brewing. 

Q: Can I use the coffee subscription coffee as espresso?

A: Traditional espresso is made with an espresso machine or your go-to stove-top espresso maker and a non-flavored coffee. But experimentation is fun so if you are a coffee lover and want to try something new, we recommend purchasing the whole bean, 12 oz bags, and grinding your coffee for fine drip making sure to only grind enough coffee for the amount of espresso you are making. 

Q: Can I use the coffee subscription service coffee as cold brew?

A: You can use your coffee subscription coffee as cold brew, but it is recommended that you purchase the whole bean, 12 oz bag option, and grind your coffee for medium-coarse for your freshly brewed cold brew.

Q: Is the monthly subscription coffee Arabica coffee beans?

A: We only use 100% Arabica, high-quality coffee for our Coffee of the Month Club. 

Q: Is Coffee Beanery coffee specialty coffee?

A: All Coffee Beanery coffee is Grade 1 specialty coffee, which means our coffee is in the top 3% of the highest quality coffee that the world has to offer. 

Q: Is the subscription service coffee single-origin? 

A: Single-origin coffee refers to coffee produced in one region, farm, or estate. While our flavored coffee is a beautiful blend of top-notch, 100% Arabica, hand-picked coffee from two different South American countries, it is not considered single-origin. 

Q: Are the single-serving pods (K-Cup) one-time use?

A: We recommend only brewing the single-serve pods one time for top-rated quality and taste.