Unveiling the Clean Cup: Why Coffee Beanery Chooses Swiss Water Process Decaf

Unveiling the Clean Cup: Why Coffee Beanery Chooses Swiss Water Process Decaf

Coffee. It's the fuel that gets many of us going each morning (or afternoon, no judgment!). But for some, the love of coffee's rich flavor comes with a side of jitters or sleep disturbances. That's where decaf comes in, offering the delicious taste without the caffeine buzz.

Here at Coffee Beanery, we take decaf seriously. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on quality or taste, which is why we exclusively use the Swiss Water Process for all our decaf coffee.


What is the Swiss Water Process?

The Swiss Water Process is a unique and all-natural method for removing caffeine from coffee beans. Here's a breakdown of the magic behind it:

  1. Green Bean Soak: High-quality green coffee beans (unroasted) are soaked in pure, fresh water. This water gently extracts the flavor and caffeine from the beans.
  2. Green Coffee Extract (GCE): The extracted water, now rich in flavor and caffeine, becomes the Green Coffee Extract (GCE).
  3. Carbon Filters: The GCE is passed through activated carbon filters. These filters capture the caffeine molecules while allowing the coffee's flavor components to pass through.
  4. Clean Water, Clean Beans: This "clean" water, free of caffeine but brimming with coffee flavor, is then used to soak fresh batches of green beans. The cycle repeats, pulling caffeine from the new beans without affecting the taste. This process leaves the beans, 99.9% caffeine free.
  5. Roasting Perfection: Once decaffeinated, the green beans are roasted to your preferred level, creating a delicious and jitter-free cup of coffee.

Why We Love Swiss Water Process:

There are several reasons why Coffee Beanery uses the Swiss Water Process for all our decaf offerings:

  • Chemical-Free: Unlike some other decaf methods that use harsh chemicals, the Swiss Water Process relies solely on water and carbon filters. This ensures a clean and natural decaf experience.
  • Flavor First: By separating caffeine through water, the Swiss Water Process preserves the coffee's original taste profile. You won't find any unwanted bitterness or chemical aftertaste.
  • Transparency: We believe in knowing where your coffee comes from and how it's processed. The Swiss Water Process is transparent, ensuring the highest quality for our decaf coffee.

Enjoy Coffee, Anytime:

Whether you're sensitive to caffeine or simply prefer a calmer coffee experience, the Swiss Water Process decaf at Coffee Beanery allows you to enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of coffee any time of day. So, come visit our website or one of our locations and explore our selection of Swiss Water Process decaf coffees. You might just discover your new favorite cup!