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Hario Accessories

Hario Accessories
Hario Accessories

Since our founding, we at HARIO have been planning, manufacturing, and selling heat-resistant glass "HARIO Glass®", and we are the only manufacturer in Japan that owns a heat-resistant glass factory.
At the time of establishment, we manufactured and sold physical and chemical products. In 1948, we began manufacturing coffee siphons by taking advantage of the properties of heat-resistant glass and the glass processing technology we had cultivated in our physical and chemical products business.

Who ships Hario Accessories?

All Hario products are shipped by their company. If you have any damage or issues please let us know and we can help you get in contact with Hario.

What if I need to return my brewer or have questions?

You can always contact Hario at If you need additional assistance please drop a message in our chats and we can help as well.