Coffee of the Month Club | January 2021 - Donut

Coffee of the Month Club | January 2021 - Donut


Some people like to make New Year's Resolution's to eat better and we're good with that. But how about a resolution that lets you have your cake (donut) and eat it too? Our January flavor of the month box is chock filled with donut flavored delights and, like all of our coffees, these flavors are also sugar free, lactose free, alcohol free and gluten free. So whatever healthy resolution target you have in site, we can help you with all of the good, tasty flavors with none of the guilt!

Enjoy these scrumptious delights in this month's box:


 Sprinkle Donut Flavored Coffee

Sprinkle Donut

Cake Donut with creamy vanilla frosting and of course, sprinkles!


Toasted Coconut Flavored Coffee

Toasted Coconut Donut

Fresh cake donuts, dipped in glaze and rolled in toasted coconut.

Jelly Donut Flavored Coffee

Jelly Donut

Sweet strawberry preserves topped with luscious vanilla icing.

Apple Fritter Donut Flavored Coffee

Apple Fritter Donut

Granny Smith Apple and Cinnamon, dipped in honeyed glaze.


 This month's playlist is pretty random, but pretty awesome just the same :) Enjoy!

I can see Clealy- Johnny Nash

Fly Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra

With a Little Help From My Friends- The Beatles

The Longest Time- Billy Joel

Superposition- Young the Giant


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