Coffee Subscription Box | June 2022 - Around the World

Coffee Subscription Box | June 2022 - Around the World

The thrill of travel often lies in discovering new cultures, landscapes, and flavors. But what if we told you that you could embark on a world tour without ever leaving your home? For our June Coffee of the Month box, we invite you to join us on a tasting trip around the world in 30 days, one sip at a time. Our destination? The global palette of flavors that will transport you from one corner of the Earth to another, all within the comfort of your favorite coffee cup. From the vibrant tastes of apricot cake to the rich complexity of chocolate mole cake, the creamy delight of highlander creme, and the spicy allure of marsala chai, we're ready to take you on a sensory journey across continents. So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to explore the world through coffee.


Travel is a source of inspiration and wonder, and our June Coffee of the Month box allows you to explore the world from your very own kitchen. As you brew your cup, let the slice of summer in Apricot Cake, the Mexican fiesta of Chocolate Mole Cake, the creamy comfort of Highlander Creme, and the spicy adventure of Marsala Chai transport you to the diverse flavors of our planet.

Sip by sip, you can immerse yourself in a world tour of flavor, discovering the nuances and culinary delights that make each region unique. Happy brewing, and may your June be filled with the excitement of exploring new tastes and the comfort of familiar flavors from around the globe.

Here's a fun playlist of international songs to listen to while you sip this month's flavors:

Rock You Like a Hurricane- The Scorpians

Mundian to Bach Ke- Panjabi MC

Heat Waves- Glass Animals

Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2

Con Te Partiro- Andrea Bocelli

El Perdon- Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias 

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Apricot Cake Flavored Coffee

Our coffee tour begins with the sunny, sweet flavors of Apricot Cake coffee. This blend is like a slice of summer, capturing the essence of a moist apricot cake with hints of ripe apricots and a warm, comforting crumb.

Chocolate Mole Cake Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Mole Cake coffee is a Mexican fiesta for your taste buds. With rich notes of chocolate and the complex, spicy blend of mole sauce, this coffee embodies the flavors of a decadent Mexican dessert.

Highlander Creme Flavored Coffee

Highlander Creme coffee offers creamy comfort in every sip. With a harmonious blend of vanilla and caramel, this coffee is like indulging in the rich, soothing delight of highland cream.

Masala Chai Flavored Coffee

To wrap up our worldwide journey, the Masala Chai coffee is a spicy adventure. With bold notes of masala spice and the comforting essence of chai, it's like sipping on the flavorful brew of a traditional Indian masala chai.

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