Coffee Subscription Box | July 2023 - Ice Cream

Coffee Subscription Box | July 2023 - Ice Cream

Remember the excitement of chasing down the ice cream truck on those sweltering summer days? The joy of savoring your favorite frozen treats, whether it was a chocolate taco, ice cream sandwich, orange dreamsicle, or strawberry crunch bar? Well, the good news is you don't have to chase the truck anymore because we've brought those beloved ice cream truck favorites right to your coffee cup! In our July Coffee of the Month Box, we invite you to scoop into nostalgia with these four flavored coffees that capture the essence of those carefree summer moments. Get ready to take a sweet journey back in time with the flavors of Chocolate Taco, Ice Cream Sandwich, Orange Dreamsicle, and Strawberry Crunch Bar.

Summer and ice cream trucks go hand in hand, and our July Coffee of the Month Box is all about capturing the essence of those sun-soaked days. These four flavored coffees allow you to scoop into nostalgia and relive the joy of enjoying your favorite frozen treats.

As you brew your cup, let the chocolaty fiesta of Chocolate Taco, the classic elegance of Ice Cream Sandwich, the zesty delight of Orange Dreamsicle, and the sweet memories of Strawberry Crunch Bar transport you to those timeless moments of summer bliss. Here's to ice cream truck memories and the sweetness of life! 

Roll down the windows and crank this playlist up, it's SUMMER!!!

Summer of 69' - Bryan Adams

Summer Girls - LFO

Steal my Sunshine - Len

Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

Regulate- Warren G ft. Nate Dogg

California Love- 2Pac ft Dr Dre

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Chocolate Taco Flavored Coffee

Our ice cream truck-inspired adventure begins with Chocolate Taco coffee. This brew is a chocolaty fiesta, capturing the essence of the classic ice cream taco with rich chocolate notes and a hint of crunch.

Ice Cream Sandwich Flavored Coffee

Ice Cream Sandwich coffee is classic elegance. With notes of vanilla and the delightful combination of chocolate cookies and creamy ice cream, this coffee is like savoring an iconic ice cream truck treat.

Orange Dreamsicle Flavored Coffee

For a zesty delight, Orange Dreamsicle coffee is the perfect choice. With notes of tangy orange and the creamy essence of a dreamsicle, this coffee is like sipping on a summer sunset.

Strawberry Crunch Bar Flavored Coffee

To complete our ice cream truck-inspired journey, the Strawberry Crunch Bar coffee is all about sweet memories. With the fruity allure of strawberries and the crunch of a nostalgic bar, this coffee is like savoring your favorite childhood summer snack.

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