Coffee Subscription Box | March 2024 - St. Patrick's Day

Coffee Subscription Box | March 2024 - St. Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to you, coffee enthusiasts! We believe in turning every cup into a celebration, and what better occasion to revel in than St. Patrick's Day! Get ready to embrace the luck of the Irish with our specially curated Coffee of the Month Box, featuring brews that capture the essence of this festive day. From the smooth notes of Irish Whiskey to the fruity paradise of Rainbows End, each sip is a journey into the heart of St. Patrick's Day fun.

As you gear up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, why not add a touch of Irish magic to your morning routine? Our Coffee of the Month Box is your ticket to experiencing the festive spirit in every sip. Whether you're drawn to the smooth allure of Irish Whiskey, the refreshing Mint Chocolate Shake, the treasure trove of Pot O’ Gold, or the tropical paradise of Rainbows End, our curated blends promise to make your St. Patrick's Day celebrations even more memorable. So, raise your mugs high and cheers to the Irish spirit in every delightful cup! Sláinte!

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Irish Whiskey

Kick off your St. Patrick's Day celebration with our Irish Whiskey Flavored Coffee. Experience just a hint of whisky notes combined with the delightful sweetness of brown sugar and cream. It's a smooth and indulgent flavor that pays homage to the rich heritage of Irish spirits. Let the warmth of Irish Whiskey envelop you in a comforting embrace.

Mint Chocolate Shake

Indulge in the cool, invigorating essence of mint combined with the luscious richness of chocolate with our Mint Chocolate Shake coffee. It's like sipping on a decadent dessert, bringing the joy of a classic shake to your morning routine. Refresh your senses and treat yourself to the delightful combination of minty freshness and velvety chocolate goodness.

Pot O’ Gold

Embark on a treasure hunt of flavor with our Pot O’ Gold coffee blend. Discover the richness of velvety chocolate, reminiscent of the treasures hidden. This flavor is a true delight for chocolate lovers, promising a cup full of golden moments and indulgent notes.

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