Coffee Subscription Box | October 2023 - Potions & Spells

Coffee Subscription Box | October 2023 - Potions & Spells

Unveil the mystical and mysterious elixirs of our Potion Themed Coffee of the Month Box. In this bewitching collection, we've crafted each brew to awaken the supernatural, casting a spell on your taste buds with ethereal flavors. But be warned, dear coffee lover, sipping these concoctions comes with an otherworldly experience, and you must venture into a realm of enchantment at your own risk. Each cup you brew is a potion, a love letter to the supernatural. Get ready to explore the dark arts with Death by Chocolate, craft a love spell with Love Potion #9, uncover the secrets of fortune with Lucky Charm, and master the art of vanishing with Vanishing Spell.

1. Death by Chocolate Coffee: A Lethal Indulgence

Our journey into the supernatural begins with Death by Chocolate coffee, a lethal indulgence. This brew captures the essence of rich, velvety chocolate, offering a taste that's dark, decadent, and irresistible.

2. Love Potion #9 Coffee: A Spellbinding Romance

Love Potion #9 coffee is a spellbinding romance. With notes of cherry, and a hint of enchantment, this coffee is like sipping on a love spell that will make your heart race.

3. Lucky Charm Coffee: Unearth Hidden Fortune

For those seeking hidden fortune, Lucky Charm coffee is the perfect choice. With the essence of lime, this brew is like sipping on a cup of luck and magic.

4. Vanishing Spell Coffee: Disappear into Delight

To complete our eerie coffee collection, the Vanishing Spell coffee allows you to disappear into delight. With the essence of marshmallow and a dash of mystery, this brew embodies the art of vanishing into flavor.

The world of potions and enchantment is a realm of mystery and allure, and our Potion Themed Coffee of the Month Box invites you to sip the supernatural. These elixirs are more than just coffee; they are a gateway to a world of magic, spells, and the unknown.

As you brew your cup, let the lethal indulgence of Death by Chocolate, the spellbinding romance of Love Potion #9, the hidden fortune of Lucky Charm, and the art of vanishing with Vanishing Spell transport you to a world of enchantment. Here's to embracing the supernatural, one bewitching sip at a time!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays! Here's a playlist of spooky delights to plug into this month!

People are Strange- The Doors

This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

Little Red Riding Hood- Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh's

Howlin' for You- The Black Keys

Red Right Hand- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Bad Things- Jace Everett

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Coffee Subscription Box | October 2023 - Magical Potions & Spells

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