Coffee of the Month Club | June 2020- Under the Big Top

Coffee of the Month Club | June 2020- Under the Big Top


Check out our favorite Blogger unboxing our June Subscription Box!



Our June coffee of the month club brought a fun carnival themed flavored box to our fantastic customers! When the CB mixologists were dreaming up this box, a lot of delicious ideas were thrown out (like Deep Fried Oreos) and maybe some not so delicious ideas as well (Corn Dog flavored coffee anyone)?

After extensive testing and tasting, four clear winners rose to the top and made the final cut into our June box. 

 Those winners are:

Churro Flavored Coffee 

ChurroFreshly fried pastry dough, dredged in butter and coated with cinnamon sugar. 

Cherry Snow Cone Flavored Coffee

Cherry Snow Cone- Tart yet sweet juicy Bing cherries

Cotton Candy Flavored Coffee

Cotton Candy- A sweet spun magical sugary confection

Caramel Apple Flavored Coffee

Caramel Apple- Crisp Granny Smith apple with a sweet caramelly candy finish



If you haven't joined in on the fun yet, what are you waiting for? Our box ships the Monday after the 15th so sign up today and never miss another box again!


Customer Photos:


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