Coffee Subscription Box | May 2020 - Ice Cream

Coffee Subscription Box | May 2020 - Ice Cream

Excitement is brewing, and our coffee cups are overflowing with joy as we proudly announce the launch of our very first flavored coffee subscription box! It's a dream that has been simmering for months, brought to life with the creative input of some amazing students from the University of Michigan – Gigi, Kate, Vin, and Sanjna, thank you for your inspiration. We've poured our hearts and souls into crafting this concept, and we're thrilled to share it with you. So, whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or someone who has just awakened from a quarantine-induced slumber, allow us to introduce you to our coffee subscription box and the delightful flavors that await you.

Introducing Our Monthly Auto-Ship Coffee Subscription Box

Our coffee subscription box is designed for flavored coffee enthusiasts who crave a delightful surprise every month. It's like gifting yourself a little burst of happiness, straight to your doorstep. Imagine unboxing a package of carefully crafted flavored coffee, each blend a unique and delightful surprise. It's not just coffee; it's a monthly dose of joy and adventure.

Featuring Four Irresistible Flavors

With our very first box, we've carefully curated four delectable flavored coffees that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

We are beyond excited to share this new coffee adventure with you. Our monthly flavored coffee subscription box is more than just coffee; it's a journey through delightful flavors, a delightful surprise every month. Whether you're starting your day with Butter Pecan Ice Cream, seeking a refreshing twist with Mint Chip Ice Cream, enjoying the classic charm of Banana Split Ice Cream, or embarking on a chocolaty adventure with Rocky Road Ice Cream, each coffee blend is a delicious invitation to explore.

So, as you embark on this flavorful journey with us, we hope that each cup of coffee brings you joy, adventure, and a moment of pure delight. Here's to a future filled with the sweet success of our flavored coffee subscription box. Welcome to a world of flavor, one cup at a time!

Watch our Coffee Subscription Unboxing

Join us live while we unbox and try out coffee subscription box!

Butter Pecan Ice Cream Flavored Coffee

This blend is an ode to the creamy goodness of butter pecan ice cream. It captures the richness of butter, the nuttiness of pecans, and the indulgence of ice cream in a single cup. Sip, and you'll feel like you're enjoying dessert for breakfast.

Mint Chip Ice Cream Flavored Coffee

Mint chip ice cream lovers, this one's for you. Our Mint Chip Ice Cream coffee combines the invigorating coolness of mint with the delightful crunch of chocolate chips. It's like a refreshing dessert in a cup.

Banana Split Ice Cream Flavored Coffee

If you've ever indulged in a classic banana split, you'll love this coffee. It captures the essence of ripe bananas, creamy vanilla, and the irresistible chocolate and strawberry drizzles. It's a delightful twist on a beloved classic.

Rocky Road Ice Cream Flavored Coffee

Our Rocky Road Ice Cream coffee is a chocolate lover's dream. With the deep, rich notes of chocolate and the nutty crunch of almonds and marshmallows, this coffee is a chocolatey adventure with every sip.

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