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64 Reviews

Costa Rican La Minita Specialty Coffee

Costa Rican La Minita Specialty Coffee

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64 Reviews
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  • Tasting Notes

    • Body Level 6

      Medium Body

      Acid Level 6

      Medium Acidity


      Chocolate Finish

  • Roast

    Light Medium Roast

    ☕︎☕︎ | Light - Medium Roast

    The perfect blend of delicious flavor and light to medium roast 100% Arabica coffee
  • Allergens

    • Allergens Top 8

      Top 8 Free

      Allergens Kosher


      Allergens Sugar Free

      Sugar Free

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Costa Rican La Minita Specialty Coffee Description


Flavor and Aroma

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Costa Rican La Minita coffee, an exquisite offering that embodies the essence of the country's famed coffee tradition. Carefully nurtured and masterfully roasted to a light-medium perfection, this exceptional blend captivates the senses with alluring notes of caramelized sugar that seamlessly meld with the comforting nuances of milk chocolate, delivering a harmonious symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. Envelop yourself in the medium-bodied richness, offering a smooth and luxurious texture that elegantly unfolds with each sip, leaving a satisfying and lingering sensation that speaks of unparalleled quality. Balanced with a gentle yet discernible acidity, this blend boasts a subtle brightness that perfectly complements the robust flavors, creating a well-rounded and nuanced coffee experience that is both invigorating and comforting. Elevate your coffee journey with the distinguished flavors of Costa Rican La Minita, a testament to the art of coffee craftsmanship at its finest, ensuring each cup is a delightful celebration of the rich coffee heritage of Costa Rica.

Origin: Costa Rica “La-Minita Farm”

Screen: 17

Process: Washed


It’s been quite a few years, but we’ve finally been able to get our hands on one of the last true Estate coffees: Costa Rican La Minita, a coffee that has long been considered by many experts to be one of the world's most exquisite coffees. We’re Right Roasting® it for you now so pick up a fresh pound today!


Costa Rica Map

Region: Tarrazu/Hacienda La Minita
Altitude: 1300 to 1800 meters
Variety: Caturra, Catuai Red, Catuai Yellow, Tipica Hibrido
Screen: 16
Process: Washed
Harvest: December - February

Tasting Notes: This coffee is our headliner from one of the best coffee-producing regions in the world. This Central America, single-origin, high-altitude coffee is grown 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level, on a plantation with a unique micro-climate, whose production has been prized in Europe for more than half a century. These high-grown coffee cherries are hand-picked on the coffee-growing farm to select arabica beans that are perfect for any brewing method.

There is simply no other coffee prepared so carefully. Harvested at the La Minita farm about an hour south of San Jose, they begin with about 1,000,000 pounds of green coffee from the heart of the crop. Of this amount, only 289,000 pounds give or take will survive mill classifications to be bagged for shipment. This represents a selective process that reduces our finest raw material by more than 70%.
This is an amazing statistic, especially considering the more than 30,000 man-hours of improvement by hand selection during final preparation. Simply put, both members of the coffee industry and coffee lovers alike are obsessed with this Costa Rican coffee!

We have attempted to produce a perfectly balanced coffee; One that combines all of the ingredients that a classic cup should contain: sweet aroma, full-body, brilliant acidity, and delicately clean aftertaste. All in balance and with no impurities to detract from its enjoyment. Flavor profiles of this Costa Rica coffee are citrus orange, milk chocolate, and caramelized sugar. In a word: elegant.

In 2019, the Coffee Beanery team visited the La Minita farm in the Tarrazu region where we went on a coffee tour and experienced coffee production firsthand. From picking the coffee beans (called coffee cherries) to de-pulping, drying, sorting, and roasting, these Costa Rican beans are handled with the utmost care. And of course, the team drank lots of the delicious fresh roasted coffee 

Try brewing these coffee beans as espresso for a special treat. Or get a bag of this medium roast Costa Rican coffee in whole bean and grind it fresh for use in your French Press. Also delectable brewed in a pour-over. 

Try Costa Rican La Minita if you like:

-fruit tarts
-chocolate cake
-white chocolate
-banana nut or pumpkin bread
-eggs and bacon/sausage


All of our coffee is certified Kosher.

Allergen Statement

When you drink Coffee Beanery coffee, you can taste our commitment to quality in every sip. All our blends, origins, flavors, and decafs of 100% Arabica coffee carry a Specialty Coffee Grade 1, making it among the top 3% of quality coffee in the world.

We continue our mission of bringing you the perfect cup, every time, by upholding these standards in every batch. Our coffee is also:

  1. Kosher Certified- We're pleased to share that our coffees are certified as Kosher Pareve!* Our commitment to quality means you can enjoy all our blends, origins, flavors, and decafs of 100% specialty grade, Arabica coffee while following a Kosher diet.
  2. Allergen Friendly- All our flavorings are free of the top eight allergens.**
  3. Sugar and Gluten-Free – We source premium flavoring that adds your favorite tastes to your cup with no added sugar, dairy, or gluten.**
  4. Vegan- Almost all of our coffees and flavorings are free of animal by-products.**
  5. Swiss Water Process Decaf – We care about giving you the best quality decaffeinated coffee which is why we use Swiss Water Process (SWP) decaf. SWP coffee has been decaffeinated using water and carbon filters instead of harsh chemicals, leaving you with a cup of decaf coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free and tastes like perfection.

Sip with confidence knowing that every drop of our premium coffees is crafted with care.

*Flavored coffee may have other allergens, please feel free to inquire about your specific allergen.

Coffee Nutrition

2.4 calories, 0.3g of protein, 0g of carbohydrates, and 0g of fat. Coffee is a source of potassium and magnesium.

Ingredients : 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee Beans; Flavored Coffee contains natural and artificial flavoring.