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25 Reviews

French Roast Specialty Coffee

French Roast Specialty Coffee

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25 Reviews
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  • Tasting Notes

    • Body Level 7

      Full Body

      Acid Level 3

      Low - Medium Acidity


      Smoky Finish

  • Roast

    Medium Dark Roast

    ☕︎☕︎☕︎☕︎ | Medium - Dark Roast

    Medium-Dark Roast usually has a heavy body, and the flavor may be spicy, perhaps with a bittersweet tang, subtle chocolate and caramel flavors, and hints of smokiness
  • Allergens

    • Allergens Top 8

      Top 8 Free

      Allergens Kosher


      Allergens Sugar Free

      Sugar Free

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French Roast Specialty Coffee Description


Indulge in the captivating allure of our French Roast coffee, meticulously crafted to deliver an enticing and robust coffee experience. With a skillful balance of medium to dark roast, this blend embodies the perfect fusion of rich, smoky overtones and subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate, creating a sensory adventure that ignites the palate and satisfies even the most discerning of coffee enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the full-bodied richness that our French Roast offers, enveloping your senses in a deep and velvety texture that lingers long after each sip, leaving a profoundly satisfying and gratifying sensation. Enhanced with a carefully calibrated low to medium acidity, this blend presents a smooth and balanced brightness that harmoniously complements the bold flavors, ensuring a well-rounded and nuanced coffee experience that is both invigorating and comforting. Elevate your coffee ritual with the unparalleled richness and complexity of our French Roast, a testament to the art of coffee craftsmanship at its finest, promising an unforgettable and refined coffee journey with every exquisite cup.


The perfect bean originating South and Central American creates one of our darkest roasts. If you like a bold coffee to start your day, this is your perfect cup.


-chocolate cake
-dark chocolate
-coffee breads


If you like French Roast, you are going to enjoy our Espresso Perfecto® -- guaranteed! 


All of our coffee is certified Kosher.

Bulk Packaging Notice

NOTE: Bulk Pods are packed loose in a box and not retail packaging.

**Bulk boxes shipping to a PO Box are not eligible for Free shipping or Flat Rate Shipping rates.

Coffee Pod Brewing Instructions

Our coffee pods work great in all K-Cup machines. Each box comes with 12 coffee pods for you to enjoy.

To achieve optimal flavor our coffee pods should be brewed on the 6oz setting.

When finished, the coffee pods are hot and may drip. help avoid dripping by tilting the coffee pod during removal from the coffee maker. do not remove the foil seal as the pod will not work properly and could result in hot water burns. Store the coffee pods at room temperature.

Still having issues? Checkout our FAQ Page here

Allergen Statement

When you drink Coffee Beanery coffee, you can taste our commitment to quality in every sip. All our blends, origins, flavors, and decafs of 100% Arabica coffee carry a Specialty Coffee Grade 1, making it among the top 3% of quality coffee in the world.

We continue our mission of bringing you the perfect cup, every time, by upholding these standards in every batch. Our coffee is also:

  1. Kosher Certified- We're pleased to share that our coffees are certified as Kosher Pareve!* Our commitment to quality means you can enjoy all our blends, origins, flavors, and decafs of 100% specialty grade, Arabica coffee while following a Kosher diet.
  2. Allergen Friendly- All our flavorings are free of the top eight allergens.**
  3. Sugar and Gluten-Free – We source premium flavoring that adds your favorite tastes to your cup with no added sugar, dairy, or gluten.**
  4. Vegan- Almost all of our coffees and flavorings are free of animal by-products.**
  5. Swiss Water Process Decaf – We care about giving you the best quality decaffeinated coffee which is why we use Swiss Water Process (SWP) decaf. SWP coffee has been decaffeinated using water and carbon filters instead of harsh chemicals, leaving you with a cup of decaf coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free and tastes like perfection.

Sip with confidence knowing that every drop of our premium coffees is crafted with care.

*Flavored coffee may have other allergens, please feel free to inquire about your specific allergen.

Coffee Nutrition

2.4 calories, 0.3g of protein, 0g of carbohydrates, and 0g of fat. Coffee is a source of potassium and magnesium.

Ingredients : 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee Beans; Flavored Coffee contains natural and artificial flavoring.