Signature Collection Single Serve Pods Trunk
Signature Collection Single Serve Pods Trunk

Signature Collection Single Serve Pods Trunk

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Are you looking to send a gift to the K-cup lover in your life that will really knock their socks off? Make a wonderful impression and score major brownie points when you gift them our Signature Collection K-Cup Trunk.

Our reusable mini suitcase comes filled with all of the single serve k-cup offerings we carry, in both specialty blends and our decadent flavors. Our single serve cups are filled with freshly roasted, 100% Arabica coffee grounds and are designed to work with single cup coffee makers.

1-Amaretto  Flavored Coffee
1- Banana Nut Cream  Flavored Coffee
2- Beanery Blend  Specialty Coffee
1- Blueberry Cobbler  Flavored Coffee
1- Butter Rum  Flavored Coffee
1- Café Carmel Cream Flavored Coffee
1- Caramel Pecan Pie  Flavored Coffee
1- Chocolate Raspberry  Flavored Coffee
1- Cinnamon Holiday Blend  Flavored Coffee
1- Cinnamon Supreme  Flavored Coffee
1- Crème Brulee  Flavored Coffee
1 - French Vanilla  Flavored Coffee
1- Hawaiian Coconut  Flavored Coffee
1- Hazelnut  Flavored Coffee
1- Michigan Cherry   Flavored Coffee
1- Pumpkin Spice  Flavored Coffee
1- Sea Salt Caramel  Flavored Coffee
1- Swiss Mocha Almond  Flavored Coffee
1- Toasted Almond  Flavored Coffee
1- Vanilla Nut Cream Flavored Coffee
1-Guatemalan Huehuetengo Specialty Coffee
1-French Roast Specialty Coffee
1-Colombian Specialty Coffee


Still want the regular Beanery Blend® taste without the effects of caffeine? Our best selling coffee also comes in a carefully prepared decaffeinated version.

This delicate blend is roasted to just a click below a Full Roast or, in roaster's jargon "to the brink of the second crack", to develop the coffee's sweet and nutty taste.

The Coffee Beanery has the highest standards in the industry when it comes to providing the finest specialty coffees in the world. We believe the real artistry in producing the perfect bean is in the right roast for each variety. Our master roaster roasts each of our specialty coffees to the peak of its taste potential — choosing from a wide range of roasts. The result? Some of our specialty arabica coffees are slightly sweet. Others have a bit of snap. Still others display a complex, earthy flavor. But each one of our fine specialty coffees has its own distinctive flavor components that are enhanced by our roasting expertise. You can see, smell and taste the difference The Right Roast® makes.

We take great pride in our coffee; all our flavored coffees are hand flavored after roasting using only the finest ingredients. Taste the flavor without the guilt! Our flavorings are Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free, and Gluten-Free. Our flavorings add 0 calories.

All of our coffee is small batch artisan roasted using our trademarked Right Roast process with only the highest specialty grade coffee at our roasting facility in Flushing, Michigan. Established in 1976, Coffee Beanery is a family owned business. Coffee is more than coffee to us…it is our passion. It is a difference you can taste.

All of our coffee is certified Kosher Pareve, which means that none of the ingredients come from meat or dairy, except for Crème Brulee and Sinful Sundae, which are certified Kosher Dairy.

**Baskets shipping to a PO Box are not eligible for the free shipping or $7.50 standard shipping. **Each sampler makes approximately one 6-8 cup pot of coffee, depending on the preferred brewing strength** **All Coffee is freshly ground for Automatic Drip** ***Due to the popularity of this item, we reserve the right to exchange products of equal or greater value at our discretion*** ***Orders over 10 Baskets must be placed with our Customer Service Department. 1-800-441-2255***